Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration Treatment with Our Optometrist and Ophthalmologists in San Antonio

At our ophthalmology and optometry clinic in San Antonio TX, our eye doctor team feels very strongly about routine eye exams as a part of preventive care. Our doctors can detect early signs and symptoms of common eye health conditions, such as macular degeneration before symptoms even develop—so you'll get earlier treatment and be more likely to achieve better outcomes.  

Woman getting a Macular Degeneration test

Understanding Macular Degeneration 

The leading cause of vision loss in the United States—affecting 10 million Americans—is known as age-related macular degeneration or AMD. This condition causes the macula (center of your retain) to deteriorate. AMD can affect a person in two ways:

  • Dry or atrophic AMD, which is associated with the growth of yellow fatty deposits called drusen behind the retina. Drusen disrupts the tissue and can lead to scarring and degradation of the macular surface.
  • Wet or exudative AMD, which is associated with overgrowth of leaky ill-functioning blood vessels behind the retina, also leading to scarring. 

Typically, both eyes are affected. Symptoms will develop as the condition worsens, but as noted earlier, a person may have early stages of AMD for a long time without knowing it. Early detection improves the chances of better management.

What causes AMD? The scientific community is not entirely sure. Genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors like advancing age, smoking, and family history are likely to play a role. 

Signs and Symptoms of Macular Degeneration

Once AMD advances enough, symptoms can develop that reflect damage to the macula. Because the macula helps with seeing in the center of your visual field, a person may have intact peripheral vision but start to have problems reading, recognizing faces, and reduced central vision overall. A person may have a hard time adjusting to changing light and require brighter lights to read. 

A person with AMD may also notice visual distortions such as straight lines appearing wavy. 

How A Doctor of Ophthalmology or Optometry Can Diagnose and Manage Macular Degeneration 

When you come to our clinic, we'll connect you with an experienced doctor of ophthalmology or optometry who can thoroughly evaluate your eyes on a comprehensive eye exam. We may dilate your pupils to help us see inside your eye and assess the health of your macula and retina.

Once a diagnosis has been confirmed, we can help you manage your disease and symptoms. Treatment may include:

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Low vision therapy and compensatory strategies
  • Corrective eyewear

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